Glider is a real time web based messenger by Ooros.
I started to work on the project in 2010. At that time Glider was available only for Symbian and Backberry. I was in charge of building the iOS and Android versions. The front-end and the user experience was completely rethought in order to have a intuitive and easy to use messenger and I also took care of the graphic design.
I developed the Glider’s front-end with HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript using the strophe.js library for the XMPP communication. For the mobile version I used the is4mobi framework in order to have a native iOS and Android application.
Unfortunately Glider for iOS and Android is still in private beta but its technology is currently used in another project by Ooros called Desidoo. The communication is based on XMPP and it’s compatible with other protocols like Google Talk, Facebook Chat, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ and Windows Live Messenger.