is4mobi is a multiplatform OS framework to bridge the gap between mobile web and native mobile applications.
The project, started in 2009, is composed by three main parts:

  • A bridge between the native application and the browser that allows a developer to build mobile applications built on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • A set of graphic tools and javascript libraries optimized for mobile that help a developer build coherent and rich UI based on standard Web technologies
  • A communication API and the users’ presence management based on Ajax and XMPP
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Glider is a real time web based messenger for smartphone by Ooros.
The application is based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and uses the strophe.js library for the XMPP communication. For the mobile version the is4mobi framework was used in order to have a native iOS and Android application. Read more…


Desidoo is a CRM platform by Ooros that integrates the concepts of loyalty, direct marketing, temporary deals and social interaction all together.
Desidoo allows small and big business taking part in the network to easily communicate with their customer, to give them a fidelity card and to send customized deals. Read more…


Strayorange is a team of freelancers working together to make better products and learn lots from each other.
Strayorange was co-founded with Carlo Alberto Ferraris and I focused on web development, graphics and multimedia as end products, R&D and project management internally. Read more on…

Minor projects

Developing for mobile I always needed to optimize the code and find the best compromise between functionalities, UX and CPU usage. For this reason I often needed to run benchmarks for testing some JavaScript functions, DOM manipulation procedures and CSS properties.

I developed a web based monitor for server side services by Ooros. I focused on the front-end both for desktop and mobile, developing a simple and effective application for monitoring the services functionalities, keeping track of the log and notifying the user in case of failures.

I contributed to the special effects of the video The finger rules.