Hey, I'm Marco and this is an introduction about myself written a long ago.
I keep promising myself to update it and, more important, to rewrite it in a more proper language! In the meantime you might want to take a look at my résumé or my portfolio, connect on LinkedIn or just .
Otherwise, if all the professional/formal/networking stuff isn't for you, just take a look at this photogallery I build during a sleepless night!


All my projects and ideas come out because of two main needs: communicate or fulfill a need. I'm particularly interested in the user related aspects (UX, UI, front-end development) and how to make the user's life better.
You can find out a little bit more about my projects by looking at my portfolio.
Take also a look at my last project Snake Next, a stylish remake of the classic Snake game that you control by tilting your iPhone.

My career in few words

I wrote my first line of code when one day I found a book about Visual Basic on my desk. I was ten years old and I had no idea what programming meant but I immediately loved the possibility to make my computer do what I wanted.
Some years later, I discovered Flash and I realized my first web page on geocities. Yes, I also made my first intro page, with the Skip and the Enter buttons :(
The need having my web pages indexed by the search engines made me leave Flash. I started with some WYSIWYG programs but I wanted to obtain the precision you can get only writing the code. So I learned html (when IE5 and the frames still existed!), CSS and then ASP and JavaScript.
During the high school years a friend of mine was diagnosed with a motor neuron disease. I therefore developed some applications to help him use a computer or speed up some simple tasks. In the same period some friends asked me to design few basic pages for their businesses. Thanks to my passion for photography and design I managed to take care of both the code and the graphic design.
During the years the requests for websites increased and when I discovered that a friend of mine was working on web development too, I suggested him to join the forces and work together. We soon received more requests than we were able to manage as a part-time job so we founded a group of freelancer called Strayorange.
In 2008 I moved to Lausanne (Switzerland) for studying at the EPFL. There I followed some great courses in Computer Science and Management of Technology.
When I came back in Torino, I joined Ooros for my master project and, once graduated, I worked there for almost two years.
I recently realized that it was time for new challenges. So I quit my job and, after a one month trip to North Cape (Norway) by motorbike, I moved to San Francisco.

How I enjoy my life

Photography - Take a look at this simple photogallery or some of my videos.
Cooking - Italian food, of course!
Red wine and Belgium style beer
Travelling and discovering new cultures
Design and beautiful things in general

How I risk my life

Motorcycling, climbing, snowboarding, surfing and windsurfing, hiking, improv theatre (yeah, it's risky too!).